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Kitsune no Kenshi 2 is a hack and slash game based around timing. Attack the monsters to interrupt their attacks then move away to avoid getting hit yourself. The full game contains 5 levels whereas the demo level contains the first level. Apart from missing the last 4 levels the demo version is fully functional.

Character customization

Make your character look like you want it, assuming it fits the pieces available to you.

Character customization

Online multiplayer

You can optionally play co-op with up to 3 of your friends, that is 4 players in total.


If the game feels too hard or too easy, there is a difficulty slider to tweak. This slider only affects monster statistics and as such the game plays no different at minimum difficulty than at maximum difficulty. We expect game journalists to be able to complete the game at minimum difficulty. The difficulty slider has 51 settings.


The controls marked with an * can be changed in the options menu, by default these are the controls.

  • Attack* - RMB
  • Dodge backward* - LMB
  • Dodge forward - Dodge + Forward
  • Forward* - W
  • Back* - S
  • Left* - A
  • Right* - D
  • Jump - Space

Actions in air:

  • Jump attack - Space

This game was not made for controllers, it is intended to be played with keyboard and mouse. See the manual for controller bindings.

Minimum specifications

We estimate the following PassMark benchmark values should be able to run the game at minimum settings at a reasonable frame rate. See Test Protocol.

CPU Score
GPU Score

In non technical terms this game should run on a low end machine with a graphics card, or a modern machine with an integrated graphics card.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

kitsune-no-kenshi-2-win.zip 803 MB
Version 5

Download demo

kitsune-no-kenshi-2-win-demo.zip 234 MB
Version 6
Manual 305 kB

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Was a fun game! I recommend people give it a try! There is a SFW and a NSFW mode (obviously did the SFW mode for youtube) in case that is a concern to anyone, or, if you want it the other way around lol =P but keep up the great work!


Thanks for the video. You discovered the hidden shortcut in level 1, I didn't even knew we had that one but turns out we did.

I noticed some issues with powerup spawns and enemy spawns in monster dimension that I have a few ideas on how to fix.


I reworked the pickup spawner to pick more appropriate things to spawn, and even if it spawns equipment that is you can't use they will now double as a health pickup.