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Become an agent of the Department of Gender Equality, a secret government organization to combat monsters. Whether it's ghouls, demons or slimes the Department of Gender Equality can be trusted to take care of the situation. Usually by shooting at it until it goes away. But you need to shoot it the right way as most powerful monsters must be shot in a specific way, be it a weak point or a weak element. Consult your field agent guide or contact support staff through your phone for specific instructions.

This game is currently in development and as such:

  • Some things are not working correctly
  • Game elements may be removed and added at any time
  • Expect grayboxing and placeholder assets


Movement - WSAD
Aiming - Mouse
Jump - Space
Inventory - I
Mobile Phone navigation - Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow
Mobile Phone Select - LMB
Mobile Phone Back - RMB
Interact - LMB
Fire/Attack - LMB
Reload - R
Pistol - 1
Katana - 2
Phone - 3


mythical-menace-win.zip 418 MB
Version 3 Jan 13, 2024
field agent guide.pdf 96 kB

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